Here's a summarized list of quests. (for now ~ I'll be getting into stage details and drops soon).

This part is divided into Basic, Limit, Arena and Tower


All other stages except Tutorial (for now) have 10 subchapters to complete. Some stages have prizes given when beaten once (the prize can either be a new unit or equipment or glyph).

For Version 2.3.2 the current last stage is still Stage 13.

  • Stage 1 Tutorial

The Tutorial is the obligatory intro stage that must be completed in order to progress further and access more options into the game. It features a very and plain simple map with an equally simple set of enemies. During initial play of each stage, Player Help information will be provided by the in-game NPC, which are basic information that teaches you how to play the game.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 Cat Soldier
2 Esquire
3 Gem
  • Stage 2 Pule Plain

The Pule Plain is a stage where the terrain is mostly flat grasslands, an occasional forests - which reduces movement of non-Flying units, and a few water terrain.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 Wind Key
2 Elephant
3 Gem Wind Key
4 Horn Beast
5 Gem
8 Lance
10 Gem, Cavalry
  • Stage 3 Ars Mountain

The Ars Mountain is a stage where your party or the enemies' are seperated by either higher or lower grounds with unpassable cliffs. While the larger cliffs prevent anyone from moving thru them, ranged units and flying units can take advantage of the smaller cliffs to attack enemies without reprisal and/or can move thru the smaller cliffs respectively, though the stages themselves provide narrow stairs that allows non-flying and/or non-ranged units access to either grounds. Ars Mountain also introduces the first ranged units you'll encounter and slightly smarter enemies that only move and attack once you are within their range.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 Tree Genie
2 Hairpin
3 Lance
4 Phantom
5 Gem, Half Armor
7 Maid
9 Cattle Soldier
10 Gem, Bikeman
  • Stage 4 Merica Region

The Merica Region is a stage that features alot of Mountain and Water terrains. Flying and Swimming units are advisable here.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 Half Armor Very good stage to level up early on, enemies are 8 Wind Alpacas
2 Raptor
5 Rama
7 Ribbon
8 Heavy Armor
9 Wind Key
  • Stage 5 Tot Desert

The Tot Desert is a stage, as the name implies, that mostly compromises of desert. Most of the terrain are dominated by Sand terrain, which reduces your movement, and it is advisable to bring Flying units. All enemy units encountered on Tot Desert are Fire elemental.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 Madman
3 Tree Bow
4 Lilith
5 Ancient Book
8 Zombie Soldier
10 Thunder Spear
  • Stage 6 Garapasu Islands

The Garapasu Islands is a stage dominated by rivers, islands, and water - fitting name for such a location. For this stage, the players must contended with terrains only passable by Flying and Swimming units, a trait taken advantage by some enemies encountered here often enough. All enemy units encountered on Garapasu Islands are Water elemental.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
2 Cat Girl
3 Apron
4 Bikeman
8 Amazoness
10 Wind Bow
  • Stage 7 Rashia Region

The Rashia Region is a stage that appears to be named after Russia, though the stages are mostly themed around islands and fairy tale-like effects, with some areas divided by high-low areas. All enemy units encountered on Pes Kingdom are Light elemental.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 Snowman
3 Scrap
4 Monster
7 ?
8 ? Armlet
9 Police
10 Monoceros
  • Stage 8 Pes Kingdom

The Pes Kingdom is a stage decorated and themed around castles, featuring unpassable walls that keeps you seperated from your enemies, who takes advantage of the situation by shooting you from afar. All enemy units encountered on Pes Kingdom are Light elemental.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 Boxer
2 Ancient Book
4 Ronin
5 Talisman
8 School Girl
9 Shikigami
  • Stage 9 Halter Mountain

The Halter Mountain is a stage where you'll fight within mountain cave and volcanic-looking areas. All enemy units encountered on Halter Mountain are Wind elemental.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 White Bear
3 Therianthrope Panacea
5 Wizard A perfect area for raising your units, you'll be facing 9 Moais and a Snow Woman, all at Lv28.
8 Gunman
9 Flag
  • Stage 10 Staller Region

The Staller Region is a stage where you'll be facing with tougher opposition and the enemies fielded by the AI being Rarity 5/6 units. Most of the enemy units encountered on Staller Region are Dark elemental.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 Stone Statue
3 Poison Dagger
4 Pastor
5 Gem
6 Nurse All enemies here are Light.
8 Lithograph "Tech +4" All enemies here are Dark.
9 Fighter
10 Gem, Ranker
  • Stage 11 Kant Empire

The Kant Empire is a stage that features a mixture of units and elements of varying degree of difficulty.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
2 Death Scythe
3 Wind Spirit
4 Ancient Gun
5 Gem Shuriken
7 Snow Maiden
9 Chain
10 Gem, Fire Shield
  • Stage 12 Star Island

The Star Island is a stage, as it name implies, that features island topograpy similar to Galapasu Islands and will often have your units seperated ll over the map.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 Titan
2 Great Squid
3 Samurai Armor
4 Tiger Mask
5 Gem
6 Pirate
7 Skill Ring
8 Rosario
9 Demon Sword
10 Top Idle
  • Stage 13 Borg Castle

The Borg Castle is currently the last stage of PockerLord. In this stage, you'll be facing many enemies at their maxed level and/or at superior numbers too, in some stages the enemies will even receive reinforcements to bolster their troops. Expect tough opposition on both enemies and even terrains that will work against you.

Stage No. First Clearance Reward Random Drop Notes
1 Gem
2 Gem
3 Gem, Release Book
4 Gem, Ultra Stone
5 Gem
6 Gem
7 Gem
8 Gem
9 Gem, Sublimate Stone
10 Gem, Rarity 7 Leopard


This are extra stages that have more challenge and have at least 1 stage that changes depending on the date, and month. This is a brief summary for the quests.

  • Stage 1
    • Training (can either be Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)
    • Treasure Island
    • Fire and Water
    • Thunder and Wind
    • Light and Darkness
  • Stage 2 Hell Mode
  • Stage 3 Suppression of Demon
    • Satan
    • Siegfried
    • Hades
    • Brave
    • Hero & Heroine
  • Stage 4 Trial
    • Trial 1
    • Trial 2
  • Stage 5 From Management
    • Management Party 1
  • Stage 6
    • May


The Arena is a PVP stage feature that allows you to fight with other players where you are Ranked. Your mobile/smart phone is required to be connected to the internet in order to participate in the Arena. There are two modes of play in the Arena: Single battle and Team battle.

Your start in Rank 1 by default in either mode, continuous participation in the Arena allows you to earn points in order move thru the Ranks, while occassionally awarding you with items and units per Rank up. Both Arena modes will provide opponents that scale to your current Rank by atleast 2 Ranks higher or lower of your current Rank. Points are only received by being victorious in battle and are determined by Rank differences. Losing a battle, either getting defeated or getting disconnected in the middle of the fight, will not provide you or deduct any points.

Unlike the Basic, Limit and Tower stages; the Arena has its own exclusive Stamina and provides you with 3 Arena Stamina for each Arena mode, 1 Arena Stamina is recovered after every 3 hours.

  • Single Game

In Single Game battle, your current team's Leader unit is the only unit that participates in battle, fighting against the Leader unit of the opposing team.

Rank Reward
5 Mercenary
6 Attack Nuts
7 1000000 Gold
8 2 Gems
9 Cat Ears
10 Release Book
11 Hitman
12 3 Gems
13 Giant's Axe
14 Attribute: Dark Crystal
15 Ultra Stone
16 5 Gems
17 Rarity 6 Sukaji
18 Lithograph "Ignore"
19 Lithograph "Status +5"
20 ?
  • Team Game

In Team Game battle, your current team will engage in battle against another team.

Rank Reward
5 Wind Spirit
6 Riceball
7 1000000 Gold
8 2 Gems
9 Star Key
10 Release Book
11 Idol
12 3 Gems
13 Circlet
14 Attribute: Light Crystal
15 Ultra Stone
16 5 Gems
17 Rocketman
18 Lithograph "Crit +10"
19 Lithograph "Combat Tech"
20 Hourglass


The Tower is a competitive PVP stage that focuses more on your team against a set of random enemy parties. Like the Arena, your mobile/smart phone is required to be connected to the internet in order to participate, likewise getting disconnected will results in your loss in battle and stamina. There are two modes of play in the Tower: Tower of Control and Tower of Infinite.

Both Towers also features a Rank system where your Rank is graded accordingly in how many units you have defeated, turns taken, total damage, and, max damage dealt. A ladder Ranking is also provided to show how you fared against other players, the highest being 1 and the lowest being 1000. The Tower also randomly rewards with you Gems and Lithographs by simply clearing stages.

  • Tower of Control - Let's destroy 48 enemy units in the shortest time

In Tower of Control, you are required to form a party of 3 members, which in turn will be pitted against 8 Waves of 6 random enemies. Each enemy unit that spawn on every wave are completely random, having equipped with attributes and skills that may or may not be beneficial to them, with an increasing level of difficulty as every Wave is cleared. The battle area of Tower of Control changes every month.

Also, clearing the Tower of Control will sometimes reward you with random item and at least 1 guaranteed Gem, though there is a possibly receiving 2 Gems instead, depending on how many units you have defeated. According to (a JP site), the rates are as follows:

Units Defeated Gem rate guarantee %
6 50%
18 70%
30 90%
48 120%

Following those rates, it can be assumed that as long as you defeat alot enemies (30+ will more or less guarantee at least 1 Gem, unless of course, RNG decides to mess with you), the Gem rate acquisition guarantee increases. To maximize Gem acquisition, it is highly advisable to bring your 3 best units with different attributes, allowing you adapt and deal with the totally random enemies being spawned per Wave.

  • Tower of Infinite - Let's keep up the hierarchy that continues indefinitely

In Tower of Infinite, your party will be fighting against a "Floor" of enemies, the goal being to kill all the enemies or just the Boss unit. Clearing a "Floor" will random reward you with a random item, a random Lithograph, a Gem, or, nothing. As your progress and clear more "Floor"s, the level and difficulty of enemies increases, the spike of difficulty technically starts to ramp up as your reach "Floor 40" with the enemies often being able to kill you before you even get to move if they spawned near you. Just like Tower of Control, the Tower of Infinite has its own Ranking system, though it is weighted more on how many "Floors" you have cleared and how many turns it took you to clear them.