Here's a summarized list of quests. (for now ~ I'll be getting into stage details and drops soon).

This part is divided into Basic, Limit, Arena and Tower


All other stages except Tutorial (for now) have 10 subchapters to complete. Some stages have prizes given when beaten once (the prize can either be a new unit or equipment or glyph).

For Version 2.3.2 the current last stage is still Stage 13.

  • Stage 1 Tutorial
  • Stage 2 Pule Plain
  • Stage 3 Ars Mountain
  • Stage 4 Merica Region
  • Stage 5 Tot Desert
  • Stage 6 Garapasu Islands
  • Stage 7 Rashia Region
  • Stage 8 Pes Kingdom
  • Stage 9 Halter Mountain
  • Stage 10 Staller Region
  • Stage 11 Kant Empire
  • Stage 12 Star Island
  • Stage 13 Borg Castle


This are extra stages that have more challenge and have at least 1 stage that changes depending on the date, and month.

  • Stage 1
    • Training (can either be Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)
      • (6-27-17 Tuesday is Training Beginner)
    • Treasure Island
    • Fire and Water
    • Electric and Wind
    • Light and Darkness
  • Stage 2 Hell Mode
  • Stage 3 Suppression of Demon
    • Satan
    • Siegfried
    • Hades
    • Brave
    • Hero & Heroine
  • Stage 4 Trial
    • Trial 1
    • Trial 2
  • Stage 5 From Management
    • Management Party 1
  • Stage 6
    • May


This extra stages requires your to connect thru the internet to face other players in single battle or team battle. The units used can be the 1st unit in your team or the team itself but you have the option to change them. In this stage also you earn points to rank up both in single and team games, as you go up in rank more difficult opponents are encountered and you get bonus items and equipment too.

  • Single Game
  • Team Game


This extra stages requires your to connect thru the internet to challenge a game of endurance on how far your party can get you. You get rank 3 and higher item, equip, or unit (others for confirmation but equip is 100%)

  • Tower of Control - Let's destroy 48 enemy units in the shortest time
  • Tower of Infinite - Let's keep up the hierarchy that continues indefinitely

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