Welcome to the Pocketlord WikiEdit

This wikia is used for PocketLord SRPG games information. Currently this wiki is still in initial building.

Find the games here:



The front page will branch into 7 main information pages:

  • Gameplay & Mechanics ; separated further into screen menu, information explanations, gameplay mechanism, etc
  • Units list; each of the units will further have own separated pages. Units will soon have their own images uploaded too.
  • Skills list ; separated further into Active, Passive and Battle skills
  • Item list ; separate into equipment and usable items
  • Others list - Castle
  • Looking for help/ Friend list - to be added soon.

Contents first, styling later.

1.9.0 - done

2.3.0 - introduced Brave, Grand Dragon and Thief (all 7-star units)

2.3.1 - added the Tower 2 in Tower Quests. (you need to be online to play it, and win some cool prizes)

2.3.2 - 6-26-2017 (no new units/stages revealed for now)

2.3.5 - 7-01-17 minor bug fixes, changed units displayed in shop.

2.3.6 - 7-02-17 minor bug fixes

2.4.0 - 7-??-17 done - dunno what happened with this one (I'll check), probably new unit for 7 star - Fullface? either this or 2.3.6

2.5.0 - 8-1-17 update for Prima, Fantastica and Zeus to appear for 7 star gacha roll.New unit for 7 star - Warlock

2.5.1 - 8-18-17 minor bug fixes. Also be reminded that the secret store change items for sale already.

next new updates may add some new stages if I've heard right



Found this link for the JP info, now I'll need a translator or heck I can translate it myself given time.


Okay, now the new Admin has been made. Changes will soon follow, to update this wikia to latest updates.Still I thank Fredy-san for making this wikia. I'll be sure make updates soon.


Latest activityEdit

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