Welcome to the Pocketlord WikiEdit

This wikia is used for PocketLord SRPG games information. Currently this wiki is still in initial building.

Find the games here:



The front page will branch into 7 main information pages:

  • Gameplay & Mechanics ; separated further into screen menu, information explanations, gameplay mechanism, etc
  • Units list; each of the units will further have own separated pages. Units will soon have their own images uploaded too.
  • Skills list ; separated further into Active, Passive and Battle skills
  • Item list ; separate into equipment and usable items
  • Others list - Castle
  • Looking for help/ Friend list - to be added soon.

Contents first, styling later.

1.9.0 - done

2.3.0 - introduced Brave, Grand Dragon and Thief (all 7-star units)

2.3.1 - added the Tower 2 in Tower Quests. (you need to be online to play it, and win some cool prizes)

2.3.2 - 6-26-2017 (no new units/stages revealed for now)

2.3.5 - 7-01-17 minor bug fixes, changed units displayed in shop.

2.3.6 - 7-02-17 minor bug fixes

2.4.0 - 7-??-17 done - dunno what happened with this one (I'll check), probably new unit for 7 star - Fullface? either this or 2.3.6

2.5.0 - 8-1-17 update for Prima, Fantastica and Zeus to appear for 7 star gacha roll.New unit for 7 star - Warlock

2.5.1 - 8-18-17 minor bug fixes. Also be reminded that the secret store change items for sale already.

2.5.5 - 8-31-17 update for new units: Goddess, Poseidon and Firefighter. Also unlocks Warlock (7 star) and Driller (7 star) for gacha. Please note: normally Goddess and Poseidon were prizes in the tower ranking battles, now you can get them via gacha too, maybe increased chance to get when you roll a 30 gems with a 7 star guarantee.

2.6.0 - ?

2.6.5 - Pick up summon Beast King, Fantasista and Archangel (all 3 are rank 7). (been away for so long sorry >w<)

next new updates may add some new stages if I've heard right (no implementation for now)



Found this link for the JP info, now I'll need a translator or heck I can translate it myself given time.


Okay, now the new Admin has been made. Changes will soon follow, to update this wikia to latest updates.Still I thank Fredy-san for making this wikia. I'll be sure make updates soon.


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