Description Edit

The full-scale simulation RPG "Pocket Load", which you can play for free, The retro dot picture characters move around in a comicable tempo. Once upon a time is a nostalgic mind game to be tickled.

# What is Simulation RPG (SRPG / SLG) It is a role playing game that makes full use of strategy and tactics.

# game how to proceed - Let's complete the quest with the strategy - Units got in reward and summons Let's organize a party to remember - Compensation and items that were placed in a hand summons Let's use and equipment to the unit - In the quest ask them to support the unit of other users - Feel free to other users Let's friend request - The unit synthesized and you can increase the level - Unit skill you can take over - Yourself you can develop a high degree of freedom unit of only - When the user-level will be 5 There is also a mini-game to raise the castle

Let's acquire items with mini games that nurture castles and towns and nurture units.

Ideal for those who want to play SRPG games with a little free time. It is a strategy and tactics game that you can play for a long time. Human beings, monsters, dragons, swords and magical fantasy overlooking the world. Retro Simulation RPG pixel art.


Gameplay Edit

This is a turn based game, like the popular titles Super Robot Wars Series, but uses fighting mechanics similar to Fire Emblem.

Basically you start the turn always. When you select a unit, you can move it to the blue panels (indicated by the MOVE value of the unit), the red panel is attack range (most units are 1 generally). When you move your unit and you may choose to: 1) attack the enemy when in range or 2) use the SUPPORT Skills or 3) just wait.

Waiting can be good for some stages, or to draw enemies to your group.

It has a gacha rolls for getting more units, equipments and items using Friend Points or Gems acquired while going thru the game itself.

Tip: Earn those Gems for a guarantedd 7 star in unit gacha. The same is never good for the item gacha, since it doesn't guarantee any 7 star item for now, but I got lucky with a Sublimate Stone only once >_<.


When you start the game you're prompted to make your account game name (this is unchangable at the moment) and you'll need to have it connected thru the internet otherwise you'll get a error message that game is under maintenance (just connect until the start of the game) and you'll randomly get a 1 or 2 star unit, (if you start with a Freya stick with it for a while, it's good).

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