CASTLE Subquest Edit

This option can be seen in the Home section but can only be accessed when you get to level 5.

An important part of this miniquest is to gather the necessary money (COIN) and resources (RESC) to constuct a good town with plenty of population, you'll need plenty of soldier to use (during cave explorations or fight raiders) and weapons (WEPN) for use against the castle defense minigame.

If you click the castle you'll see this:

POPULATION - Increasing this nets you reward FPs, Coins, Items, Units or Gems.



DEFENSE - Increasing this parameter will help you in winning the castle defense minigame. It normally increases the consumption of weapons during that minigame to defeat the boss.


MEDICAL - I still have no idea what this parameter have in effect, but maybe in unit explorations

PERSON - You always start with 1. Increasing this parameter will increase the number of personnel that can develop lands for you or upgrade the facilities when SCIENCE, CULTURE and ECONOMY reach a certain level.


Developing the lands will make use of COIN and RESC as follows and some have special effects too.

All of them have the same cost (10,000 Coins, 100 Resc, Term: 60 mins)

Level 2 cost (25,000 coins and 500 Resc)

Farmland Edit

  • Food inrease
  • Food +10/hour
  • +20% increase in crop yields and is adjacent to water

Town Edit

  • Population/Coin increase
  • Population +100/hour
  • Coin +1000/hour
  • +20% increase in crop yields and is adjacent to load (road ~ really bad translation for some items)

Village Edit

  • Population increase
  • Population +/hour
  • +20% increase in crop yields and is adjacent to farm

Barracks Edit

  • Soldier inrease
  • Soldier +5/hour
  • +20% increase in crop yields and is adjacent to village

Factory Edit

  • Weapon inrease
  • Weapon +5/hour
  • +20% increase in crop yields and is adjacent to town

Mining Edit

  • Resource inrease
  • Resource + 30/hour
  • +20% increase incrop yields and is adjacent to mountain or tree


Cave Edit

Available at the start

Green Cave Edit

Available when you reach 500,000 Population

Crystal Cave Edit

Available when you reach 1,000,000 Population


Changes items sold monthly (twice a month confirmed, can't be sure which dates the changes happen though)

As of early September 2017

3 gems 1,000,000
1 gem 10,000
3 gems 50,000
Release Book 200,000
Sublimate Stone 2,000,000
Reincarnation 5,000,000
Reincarnation 50,000,000
Reincarnation 100,000,000
Glyph [ATK&AGI+10] 500,000,000
Glyph [ATK+20] 500,000,000

As of 8-20-17

3 gems 1,000,000
Release Book 10,000
Reincarnation 100,000
Reincarnation 1,000,000
Reincarnation 10,000,000
Reincarnation 100,000,000

As of 8-13-2017 (the glyphs normally changes. had PATK+10 before this is early August)

3 gems 1,000,000
1 gem 10,000
3 gems 50, 000
Release Book 200,000
Sublimate Stone 2,000,000
Reincarnation 2,000,000
Reincarnation 5,000,000
Reincarnation 20,000,000
Reincarnation 100,000,000
Glyph [DEF&AGI+10] 300,000,000
Glyph [ATK&TEC+10] 500,000,000

Items sold may vary from Reincarnation Scrolls, Sublimate Stones (!), Gems, etc.


This may happen once per day with a time limit (normally it's 1 hour only), not really recommended during the earlier part of the game. You can probably beat the units when you get 4star units and higher. You can win some good items here.


This also happens once per day normally when you start checking the castle on the first time you'll see 3 bars in here. If you manage to hold out you'd get some bonus food, resources, weapon and soldier or if you take out the boss you get an extra Glyph or Equip for your troubles.

Upper bar - is Boss HP

Middle bar - is enemy spawn HP

Bottom bar - is the time limit

Rewaed (Reward) Edit

You'll see this in the lower right side of the Castle screen. The game rewards you for increasing your population.

  1. 1,000 - 300 FP
  2. 2,000 - 50,000 coins
  3. 5,000 - Devil Sword - ATK+3
  4. 10,000 - 1 Gem
  5. 20,000 - Pirate Ship (3 Star) - random element
  6. 50,000 - 200,000 coins
  7. 100,000 - 2 Gems
  8. 200,000 - Goddess Cane - MATK +5
  9. 500,000 - 2,000 FP
  10. 1,000,000 - 500,000 coins
  11. 2,000,000 - Pirate (3 Star) - random element
  12. 5,000,000 - Tiger Mask - HP+10
  13. 10,000,000 - 3 Gems
  14. 20,000,000 - 1,000,000 coins
  15. 50,000,000 - Phoenix (6 star?)
  16. 100,000,000 - 5 Gems
  17. 200,000,000 - Brave Sign (Status +5)
  18. 500,000,000 - Queen (6 star?)
  19. 777.777.777 - 10 Gems
  20. 999,999,999 - Magic Pill - effect of permanent

Mission Edit

You'll also see this in the lower right side of the Castle screen

3 missions are given daily you just have to do what is recommended. For example Critical Count 0/8, you just need to score 8 critical hits in the quest mode against the enemy. if you can do it before the Rest ##:## expires you get the reward. Common rewards are Food, Rescources, Weapons or Soldiers.

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